POETRY IN MOTION: Educational In-Reach Program

POETRY IN MOTION is an educational in-reach touring program which brings American Poetry to life, through dance.  This unique program explores the heart and soul of American poetry in ways that both excite and inspire today’s students in upper elementary, middle and high schools.  Programs can be modified for various ages and class period lengths.

This program is designed by an English/Arts Educator and is accompanied by a comprehensive study guide, sent prior to the event. The provided materials give instructors educational outcomes, lesson plans and suggestions for integrating this unique performance into the poetry curriculum.

This performance has been designed to support students’ thinking about the many “voices” of America and how art helps to express the joys, sorrows, and challenges of our world.  Bringing poetry, music, and dance together in one assemblage inspires students in their own experience of art and culture.

Teachers and parents are also encouraged to support the students’ own artistic expression, in a live reading of selected students’ works, with improvised music and dance, performed by Avocado Dance Theatre.  This memorable performance is powerful and can be an important part of the Language Arts and Arts Education component for the school year.

Poets and Poems included in various programs (subject to change):

Emily Dickinson: “Letter to the World” and “We Grow Accustomed to the Dark”

Carl Sandburg: “Fog”

Langston Hughes: “Mother to Son,” “Harlem,” and “Dream Boogie”

Edgar Allen Poe: “The Raven”

Robert Morgan: “Music of the Spheres”

Robert Frost: “Fire and Ice”

Maya Angelou: “Still I Rise”

Shel Silverstein: “Masks” and “Snowball”

Tupac Shakur: “The Rose that Grew from the Concrete” and “When Ure Hero Falls”

Lucille Clifton: “Listen Children”

Performance Length:  40-50 minutes (with flexibility, for your schedule). Half-day residencies are also available.

To get more information about POETRY IN MOTION or to request a performance in your school or theatre, contact:

EDUCATIONAL IN-REACH at AvocadoDanceTheatre@gmail.com


Educational In-Reach/Poetry in Motion

PO Box 89-3715

Temecula, CA 92589-3715